Can A Lawyer Get Minor Drug Charges Dismissed?

Teenage life is the best. This is what most people usually say because this is the time of your life where you are curious about everything. Teenagers tends to explore everything that they do not know and that includes illegal drugs. Therefore, a lot of minors are having drug charges at their young age.

Vape teenager. Young pretty caucasian brunette girl smoking an electronic cigarette on the street in the spring. Deadly bad habit.

So, what happens when a minor or a teenager got caught in possession of illegal drugs? Were they arrested immediately and face imprisonment? Well, just like any legal cases, the first thing a minor should do is to get an attorney to represent him.

What Can a Lawyer Do for a Minor?

In this article, we will discuss the things a lawyer can do for a minor or a teenager for the drug charges he or she is facing. A lot of people think that these minors will get off the charges easily just because of their age, but they are wrong.

A criminal case is still a criminal case regardless of your age and gender. The court of law does not show any partiality because justice shall always prevail. But the minors will not stand trial on criminal court, they will face their charges on juvenile courts.

It is a court designated for minors or teenagers who have done some criminal acts like possession of drugs. The purpose of this court is to help bring back the minor to the right path by giving judgment and penalty that could benefit the welfare of the kid.

However, if the minor has an amazing juvenile court attorney, there are few things that he can do for the defendant. Here are the things that a lawyer can do for minors who are facing drug charges:

  • Custody at Home while waiting for the decision of the juvenile court.
  • Shorter Public Service (depending on criminal history and charges)
  • Shorter Rehabilitation Program

These things that were mentioned may not be good for some, but this is the best that a lawyer can do for a minor with illegal possession of drugs. It is not that much but it is still better without nothing. Like we said earlier, the court of law shows no partiality, and it only seeks justice.


Having a great lawyer is an advantage for any legal cases. But there are still limitations on what they can do for their clients. Therefore, to prevent any legal charges for your teenagers, help them have good friends that can lead them towards a good path.

Can “Normal” People Afford A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Fighting legal charges is always a hassle for every individual. Not only because of the time you must spend attending the trials and arguments. The main reason why facing a legal case is a hassle for every person is because of the amount you must pay for a criminal defense attorney.

Can a “normal” person really afford an attorney? We all know that the rate of these legal representatives is extremely high. Not everyone can afford it especially if they just have a minimum wage income.

Therefore, it is almost impossible for a normal person to have an attorney if you do not have enough funds to support yourself. But you should not worry yet, because today, we will discuss how a normal person afford can to have an attorney in case they have a trial to attend.

How Can You Afford an Attorney?

If you have a legal case to attend and you do not have a criminal defense attorney because it is too expensive, what should you do? Thankfully, the law will not abandon you so easily. The law requires every state to give a person an attorney if they cannot afford one.

You must have heard this a lot of times when the police in movies are stating the “Miranda Rights” to the person they are arresting. An individual has always had the right to remain silent and wait for your legal representative to come. But if you do not have one, the court of law shall provide an attorney for you.

Aside from the attorneys that the court of law can give to a person, there are also other firms that offer free legal services to the normal people who really cannot afford to have an attorney. These offices are doing public service to the people for them to have a fighting chance with their legal cases.

Some examples of these free legal services are legal clinics, public law firms, and the “pro bono” attorneys. Legal offices who are doing this kind of service are sometimes required by the law to some countries. The court of law are requiring these attorneys to serve and conduct free legal services to the people in need of legal advice.


To answer our question on the earlier part of this article, a “normal” person can still afford to have a criminal defense attorney or whatever kind of legal representative that person need. It does not matter if you have money or not, the law is just and does not abandon anyone. Justice must always prevail.